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 Baritone horn 

The baritone horn works in the same manner as a trumpet but it’s twice the length. The baritone is relatively easy to learn for beginners. The deep beautiful tone from a baritone is attractive to many students who like the sound of a lower voice. 

Interesting baritone horn facts
  • The baritone horn, or sometimes just called baritone, is a low-pitched brass instrument in the saxhorn family. 

  • It's bore is mostly conical, like the flugelhorn and alto (tenor) horn, but is narrower than the conical bore of the euphonium.

  • It uses a wide-rimmed cup mouthpiece like that of its peers, the trombone and euphonium. 

  • In NZ, the baritone horn is frequently found in brass bands.

  • In concert band music, there is often a part marked baritone, but these parts are most commonly played on and intended for the euphonium.

  • A person who plays a baritone horn is a baritone (horn) player or baritonist.

  • The baritone sounds with a timbre between the brightness of the trombone and the more mellow tone of the euphonium.

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