French horn 

The French Horn- It's not even French!


Interesting French horn facts​
  • The French horn (or simply "horn") is played with the right hand positioned in the bell of the instrument with the left hand playing the valves. It is the only brass instrument to be played left handed.

  • Many consider the French horn to be the most difficult instrument to actually play.

  • A French horn would be as long as 13 feet if it were to be uncoiled.

  • The mouthpiece of the French horn is shaped like a funnel.

  • The horn was actually invented in Germany but most refer to the horn as a French horn.

  • Despite being made of brass the French horn does not play in a standard brass band. They are members of the woodwind family.

  • The bell of the French horn is often removable to make it easier to transport from one place to another.

  • The French horn is commonly played in concert bands, orchestras, chamber music, military, and occasionally in jazz music.


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