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 Outreach Concerts 

Buzzing Brass Trombone

Buzzing Brass Outreach school concerts provide children with valuable exposure to a wide variety of music, directly linked to the music component in the Arts Curriculum. Buzz performs on a range of brass instruments to show their characteristics. 

This musical adventure gives children the opportunity to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of music in past and present contexts.

  • Associate music with particular times, places and feelings.

  • Compare and contrast styles and genres of music in relation to past and present contexts.

  • Recognise music's contribution to, and significance in, contemporary cultures.

The entertaining and exciting concerts encourage students to:

  • Respond to the elements and expressive qualities of music.


Our aim is to continually develop the educational context of our Buzzing Brass Outreach programme. Please feel free to offer any advice!

Buzzing Brass Euphonium

Education through Entertainment

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