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Buzzing Brass


Buzzing Brass was launched in 2017 with the aim of providing kids and adults in the Wellington and wider Wellington region the opportunity to learn a brass instrument.


Buzzing Brass offers a structured musical pathway in both music performance and music theory no matter what experience level.

Buzzing Brass gets it's name from it's founder Byron "Buzz" Newton who briefly worked as a beekeeper (hence the nickname). "Buzzing" is also the noun used to describe the vibrating of a brass instrument's mouthpiece, this is what brass musicians do to create sound.


Buzz also performs outreach concerts at schools to help promote brass music and to encourage kiwi kids to learn a brass instrument. The concerts focus on education through entertainment, encouragement and participation.

Why Buzzing Brass?


  • Buzzing Brass provides a structured musical pathway.

  • All experience levels are accepted

  • Flexible learning environments. Want to learn individually, in a small group, or a brass band, we offer it all

  • Highly competitive rates with flexible payment options 

  • It's easy to hire instruments through our friends at Wellington Brass Band or ABI Music

  • The following brass Instruments are taught at Buzzing Brass: 

Soprano cornet 




Tenor horn 

Baritone horn 



Bass Trombone 


Why learn a brass instrument?


Research has shown that learning a brass instrument:

  • Increases your memory capacity 

  • Boosts team skills

  • Teaches perseverance

  • Enhances your coordination

  • Betters your mathematical ability

  • Improves your reading and comprehension skills

  • Increases your responsibility

  • Exposes you to culture

  • Sharpens concentration

  • Fosters your self-expression and relieves stress

  • Creates a sense of achievement

  • Promotes your social skills

  • Boosts your listening skills

  • Teaches you discipline

  • Elevates your performance skills and reduces stage fright

  • Enhances your respiratory system

  • Promotes happiness in your life and those around you

  • It's fun!

How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins​

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