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Nice choice, The tuba's sound is deep and rich, and it is the lowest-pitched instrument on the brass family.


Interesting tuba facts
  • In Latin the word 'tuba' means horn or trumpet.

  • A tuba is used to produce the brass section of an orchestra's bass notes. They are usually found in jazz music and in brass bands as well.

  • The tubist holds the instrument upright while playing, which is different than the way trombones or trumpets are held.

  • Tubas became a member of symphony orchestras in the mid-1800s.

  • When tubas became a member of the orchestra they replaced the ophicleide

  • Standard tubas have approximately 16 feet of tubing!!!

  • The most common tuba keys are F, E flat, CC, or BB-flat. They may have between 3 and 6 valves.

  • In order to play the tuba properly a tubist requires a lot of breath.

  • Some composers who have created tuba concertos include Ralph Vaughan Williams and John Williams, John Williams is best know for his movie music including Star Wars.

  • A tuba player in NZ who plays in an orchestra is referred to as a tuba player. A tuba player in a military band or brass band is referred to as a bass player. In most places a tuba player is simply a tubist or tubaist.

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Photo credit Daisuke Hayashi

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