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Nice choice, the euphonium is Buzz's favourite!

The euphonium is a tenor voiced instrument and is the second biggest brass instrument behind the tuba.


Interesting euphonium facts
  • The euphonium is the tenor member of the tuba family.
  • The name "euphonium" comes from the Greek word for "beautiful-sounding". 

  • It is a valved brass instrument whose bore constantly increases in size from the valve section to the bell - this is called "conical bore", as distinguished from "cylindrical bore" instruments which maintain a constant tubing diameter for a greater portion of the instrument's total length.

  • The euphonium plays in the same range of pitches as the trombone, but its cylindrical bore gives it a more mellow, "rounder" sound compared to the "brassier" sound of a trombone.

  • Invented by Adolphe Sax, the euphonium is thus a saxhorn.

  • The euphonium is often used by symphony orchestras as a tenor tubaIts main venues are various wind bands, military bands, and brass bands where it is frequently featured as a solo instrument.

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Photo credit Daisuke Hayashi

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