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Nice choice, the cornet is one of the most popular brass instruments. The cornet is a high pitched brass instrument and is the second smallest (behind the soprano cornet) in a brass band.


Interesting cornet facts
  • Sometimes mistaken for the trumpet, the cornet has had a fascinating and diverse history and is used in numerous ensembles like wind bands, brass bands, and the symphony orchestra.

  • At four and a half feet long, the cornet is a more compact and shorter instrument than its cousin, the trumpet.

  • During ANZAC day you will most likely hear the cornet playing the Last Post.

  • Unlike the cylindrical trumpet the cornet is a conical bore instrument. This means that the diameter of it’s tubing gradually increases throughout the length of the tubing. This gives the cornet a more mellow sound compared with the focused sound of the trumpet.

  • The trumpet and the cornet have very similar sized mouthpieces, so many players play both instruments.

  • There are nine cornets in a standard sized brass band which is the most of any instrument.

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